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the story about us

In the heart of Switzerland, where the air is crisp and the mountains reach for the skies, a revolution in skincare was born. Vento Vivere, a pioneering and award-winning Swiss brand, emerged from the synergy of tradition, cutting-edge research, and a passion for excellence.For over three decades, Vento Vivere has been at the forefront of skincare innovation, rooted in the rich heritage of Swiss biomedical research and cellular regeneration. Our founder, driven by a vision to transform the way we care for our skin, brought together the world's most advanced scientists and doctors specializing in regenerative medicine and stem cell research. The result? A groundbreaking line of skincare products that harness the power of nature and science.

our brand

Our state-of-the-art laboratory and development department serve as the foundation for our success. With every breakthrough discovery and each meticulously crafted formula, Vento Vivere has redefined what it means to achieve healthy, radiant skin. The secret lies in our commitment to using the highest quality ingredients, combined with the most advanced technology, to deliver unparalleled results.

At Vento Vivere, we believe in a holistic approach to skincare. We understand that beauty is more than skin deep, and our mission is to empower individuals to embrace their inner and outer radiance. Our products, tailored for various skin types and concerns, reflect this philosophy by promoting cellular regeneration and harnessing the natural healing powers of the human body.

Vento Vivere is more than just a skincare brand; we are a community of passionate individuals dedicated to the pursuit of healthy, vibrant skin. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey and experience the difference of Vento Vivere – where nature, science, and tradition come together to create a legacy of regeneration and rejuvenation.

The science behind beauty

What is the ultimate secret of healthy and youthful skin? M&X Swiss Cell Research Center believes that when the skin is damaged or aging, if new skin cells can quickly replace those damaged and aging cells, and maintain a good rate of renewal and repair, then skin will be healthy and glowing. Human stem cells has self-renewal and differentiation abilities. Stem cells repair skin tissue by dividing continuously, but with the passage of time and external environmental damage, the division ability of stem cells decreases, that resulting in worse skin self-healing and renewal ability, followed by various skin problems such as wrinkles, redness, hyperpigmentation and aging. Therefore, GAC technology is precisely what assists the skin's stem cells to recover and do their own job to support the skin's innate renewal potential and solve various skin problems.

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The quality control of skincare industry is very important to ensure the safety and efficacy of products and its ingredients. From the start of developing to the distribution of finished products, Vento Vivere follow the highest standard and very strict requirement. Every raw material that go into each of our products are evaluated for their safety and skin compatibility. Every step of quality control operation backed by our well-proper machinery, competent personnel and validated testing procedures.

sustainable development

As we continue to push the boundaries of skincare innovation, our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility remains unwavering.

Sustainability should be a priority for individuals and companies; this is something we cannot ignore any longer. We take pride in maintaining an ethical supply chain, supporting local communities, and using eco-friendly packaging to minimize our environmental footprint.