Brightenyl® is a new generation of skin tone and colour modulator molecule. It is the very first cosmetic active ingredient that is activated by a new functional layer of the human skin: the stratum microbium. This new layer acts as an active living veil converting Brightenyl in two molecules, which act on seven biological targets to obtain a perfect skin complexion.

All skin types may experience colour and pigmentation disorders. These include discolouration marks, brown spots, redness as well as pigmented patches on skin. Uneven skin colour and tone give an unhealthy, dull and tired appearance. The ideal look for healthy skin of any colour is a clear even skin tone. Controlling the skin colour, redness and reducing pigmentation require the use of different ingredients as these parameters rely on several different biological processes (vasodilation, inflammation, melanogenesis, coagulation of melanin, accumulation of UV-induced damage).

The biological activity of Brightenyl has been evaluated on a panel of Korean women versus a placebo for a period of 84 days using 3 independent methodologies:
Full face analysis with the Visia CR,
Skin colour measurement with a Chroma-meter, and
Skin melanin content measure at specific sites with the Sciascope.
The volunteers have experienced a clear and visible evolution of the quality of their complexion with:
18 times decrease of the UV spots on their face
-150% decrease of the melanin content of their hyper-pigmented spots
-600% decrease of the redness of their skin
16 times increase of the brightness of their skin
Skin tone uniformity and skin colour optimization is among the highest consumers' demands worldwide. Brightenyl is a S.M.A.R.T. (Skin-Melanin-Active-Removal-Technology) ingredient. Far from probiotics, prebiotics and other traditional skin microflora ingredients, it represents a new generation of multifunctional skin complexion optimising molecule, which is activated in situ by the living veil called the stratum microbium.
Brightenyl has been created according to the pharmaceutical development processes, which optimized by biotechnology process to generate a stabilised and bioactivable compound through rational design. 
By targeting several biological pathways, Brightenyl addresses all the different causes of uneven skin tone, redness and pigmentation issues simultaneously.It enables creation of new generation of products to enhance consumers' beauty, and meet their expectations.

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