Royal Jelly Extract

Royal jelly is the most nutritious substance in beehive. It is a milky, creamy secretion produced by worker bees and is fed to all bee larvae, but only the queen larvae continue to be fed this special sunstance throughout their development. It is a nutritious substance containing signifacant amounts of proteins that are important for cell growth and reproduction.
Recent years, many studies have shown the benefits of royal jelly for skin and health, help humans internally and externally, which has been widely applied in beauty industry. Royal jelly is rich in proteins, fatty acids, amino-acids, vitamins, minerals, peptides and antioxidant compounds. It has natural antibiotic, enzymes and antibacterial properties. It's regarded as one of the most powerful nutrients in the fight against aging skin and inflammatory skin conditions.
Royal jelly's natural abundance of nutrients makes it ideal for any skincare routine. It is a multi-tasking ingredient adored for its ability to hydrate and soothe skin of all types, but it is particularly beneficial for dry skin and aging skin as it promotes cell renewal while boosting collagen production. Royal jelly's amazing antibacterial properties are effective as an anti-acne ingredient and it is often included in acne treatment products.
Now that royal jelly is less beauty secret, Vento Vivere caviar cellullar serum perfectly developed with rich royal jelly extract, adding it to your daily skincare routine might be one of the smartest decisions you make.

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